The Medical Biography of David W Andrews

Another person who has consummated his life in the field of medical application, specifically in Neurosurgery, is none other than David W Andrews. He is an established surgeon specializing under the neurosurgical and radio surgical care. He is actually the professor of Neurological Surgery under the Department of Neurological Surgery where he serves as the Vice Chairman together with the Division of Neuro-Oncologic Neurosurgery and Stereotactic Radio Surgery Director.  He is also part of the Radio Surgery Units and Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience. His expertise is working and looking for innovative ways and other contemporary solutions for advanced brain tumors that could be developed into cancer.


David W Andrews is not only in charge for that solution and resolution but technically checking all other avant-garde or state of the art methods to avoid further complexity regarding cell degeneration and other complications. He completed two courses in a year at Stanford University majoring B.S. Biological Science and B.A. Political Science. His hunger for other medical treatise did not stop he completed his master in Political Science at Stanford University and M.D. at University of Colorado. He chose to focus in his medical profession rather than the rule of the law. He has a wide specialization in biologically based treatment of malignant gliomas and even biopsy procedures.



Valuing Health by Asking for Life Insurance Plans

“Health is wealth.” It is only a simple saying but we all know that it means a lot. So even you don’t have money as long as you are healthy, you can consider yourself as rich. There are lots of wealthy people who are not healthy because they are not totally concern with their health. All they have in mind is their business and the company they own. They are lacking of rest and don’t even have enough time for leisure as well as for their family. If you are rich, you need to prioritize your health and not your business. It is simply because, you can’t use your wealth long enough if you will die young. Just come to think about your health and not your wealth.


If you are worried on how you are able to save money for your future, there are easy ways to handle it. By just simply asking for insurance plan, you can keep track on your future expenses like on your medical needs. There are several types of insurance plans such as Mortgage Life insurance and Mortgage Critical Illness insurance which are being offered and you can avail it easily. Knowing about coverage and how will it cost can help you in applying for life insurance that you will need.

Herbal Viagra, The Natural Cure For Erectile

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